The new Multiplication Tables Check

There's a separate level, hidden below Bronze, called Year 4 Test, which matches the format of the Government's new Multiplication Tables Check as closely as possible.

The MTC will present 25 questions of the standard 'forward multiplication' style, showing each question for six seconds. The 2 and 10 times tables will appear once on average; the 3, 4, 5 and 11 times tables will appear twice, and the 6, 7, 8, 9 and 12 times tables will appear three times. The Year 4 Test level has the same probabilities for its questions, and gives you the same total time.

ClassKit and the Schoolwork app

Teachers in schools with Apple School Manager can use Apple's Schoolwork app to assign levels to a class and receive every student's scores, times and question types to work on. The teacher can set each student's level, and each student gets automatically sent to that level. When they mark their test as Done, the teacher gets to see how long you took, what your score is, and which types of question they can help you work on.

Using Schoolwork is straightforward. Open KS2 Times Tables, and then open Schoolwork. Find your class, and add a new activity. Give it a title, due date and optional instructions, select KS2 Times Tables, and choose any level or levels for the whole class, or even different levels for different students.

When the student finds your activity in Schoolwork, they can tap to open their preset level automatically, and answer the questions as normal. When they have finished they can read their feedback, and mark their activity as Done in Schoolwork. The teacher will then see the question types each student passed and didn't pass yet, and their score and time taken. A whole-class average score and time is displayed too.

Find out more about Schoolwork, Classroom and Apple School Manager at apple.com/education.