KS2 Times Tables

Five-minute times tables tests at your level

KS2 Times Tables is a times tables test app for teachers and students, created by a teacher, to conform to current national curriculum guidance and the latest research.

I'm a teacher in a primary school, and I created KS2 Times Tables to help me with a problem: our students enjoy their times tables tests, and get very excited when they progress from the Bronze award through Silver, Gold, Platinum and Kryptonite… but, it can be a handful handing out, marking and feeding back tests for 30 children at different levels each week. Not to mention how wasteful and expensive all that photocopying is.

So I created this app to help, using the latest research on effective teaching of multiplication in the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum. You can choose your level from Bronze (the 2, 4 and 8 times tables, including division, inverse operations, and fractions) up to Kryptonite (all the tables, and tens, hundreds, decimals, squaring, cubing and fractions).

This app solves a problem I had as a teacher: how to set up, give out and mark times tables for 30 children at different levels.

You get five minutes to answer forty questions presented to focus on one at a time. Each question varies the procedure and concept used, as the latest pedagogical research shows this is far more effective at helping you develop quick fact recall and helps you apply the facts to other areas of maths. These questions are not just simple random questions like some times tables tests have, they are a variety of carefully chosen concepts and procedures which stretch your mastery, so you will truly know your tables inside out and back to front.

KS2 Times Tables does not just test multiplication facts, it helps you practise the related division facts at the same time, varies the order of the equations, and extends the skills into the tens and hundreds, and into the decimals. Every test also includes multiplication and division of fractions, from unit fractions of amounts in Bronze, up to converting mixed numbers in Kryptonite. Kryptonite has its name for a reason: if you pass Kryptonite reliably you will have mastered all KS2 knowledge and stretched yourself deep into the KS3 curriculum. And when you have finished, you get feedback specific to your answers, so you know where to focus next time.